A thing I’ve done for about as long as I can remember drawing things is stare at the sky a whole lot. I’m not so much doing it LOOKING for inspiration, but who hasn’t stared at a cloud and said it looks like a this or a that? There’s magic in a pillowy Godzilla cloud jutting up over the city skyline because that’s exactly how big a Godzilla would be in real life, and since there have, to date, been no Godzillas spotted in reality, the scale of the cloud and it’s resemblance to a giant monster helps me appreciate just how fucking amazing the sight would be.

I’ve always loved sketching the shape of a cloud or, more often now, taking a quick snapshot of the ones that stand out most to me, and then drawing what my mind saw in it. You can actually see some of this cloud inspiration in the design of the IRKEN flagship, The Massive from INVADER ZIM, a pillowy mass I saw chunks of flying around in the sky one day.

That one up there I saw maybe a week as I was stepping out of the Natural History Museum in LA (very cool dinosaur section there now). Initially I saw it as a kind of Bullet Bill, but what fun is there in just drawing what someone else already made up?  


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