One of the only peripheral characters I did for Randy Cunningham was this “band geek” that eventually gets mutated into a hulking horror.  Along with being the only side character I did for my first pass it was also the only monster.  At a later point I went back and did about 25 creature designs for later use in the show, but this band monster and the Sorcerer were the only inhuman looking things I got to do early on.  

When the Titmouse guys asked if I wanted to design this stuff I pretty much said “Monsters and robots.  That’s what I want to do.”  Doing Randy and Howard and such was fun enough, but I’m happiest when things get a bit more monstrous and robotic.

I guess, in the show, the Sorcerer has the power to transform people and things into monster versions of themselves, so this was my go at what that might result in.  Figured some common element would be this black mass that sorta operated the victim, but that was probably too bizarre for a kids’ show.  I’m not the best person to decide that!  It was pretty much your general purpose supernatural Miyazaki goo.

You can see this guy, human and monster versions, a bit in the title sequence of the show.


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